25% of Android searches are by voice, Google launches new YT channel

While I can’t say that I frequently use the voice search feature of Android, apparently there are a lot of people that do. According to the latest post in the Google Mobile blog, one of every four searches from an Android phone is by voice. (In case you flunked math 1/4 = 25%)

That’s a pretty large number and I personally would’ve never guessed it to be that high. Google realizes this and has launched a new youtube channel almost dedicated to new uses for voice search. Check out the video and link to their channel after the break. But before the break, did you know TalkAndroid has a YouTube channel?: youtube.com/talkandroid (and Facebook and Twitter)

[via googlemobile]

  • eric

    I use it as a 411 alternative… i can just say.. China ten 27858…. and touch the numerous to call…