Amazon Appstore downloads up 500% from last year


It’s no surprise to anyone that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has had some pretty good success in the tablet market. To add to that success, Amazon announced Thursday that downloads in their own Appstore have increased by over 500% over the past year alone. That’s a big jump. With the recent release of more tablets in the Kindle Fire family, there’s no doubt that Amazon is trying as hard as they can to get their own unique services and stores in the hands of consumers, and judging by that 500% increase, they’re doing a pretty good job. If Amazon decides to throw a Kindle Fire phone into the mix, I’m sure that number will increase dramatically, too.

Amazon does also attribute some of that growth to their helpful development tools, citing things like A/B testing for helping developers get their applications ported over and set up on the Amazon Appstore. A/B testing is just one of many development features Amazon boasts in their ecosystem, and it’s obvious that it’s having positive effects for them.

source: Amazon

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • leoingle

    yeah, a bunch of game downloads. Amazon apps store sucks. i totally got rid of the app.