Verizon Jelly Bean update on DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD being pushed out now

We learned late last week that Jelly Bean would begin rolling out to the DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD ‘in phases’ during this week. Now, it appears that Verizon has opened up the gates and all versions should be getting the update at this time. Look for that update notification and, as always, take a look in your About Phone options to see if you can grab it manually. The update will of course bring Google Now and the improvements to notifications. Additionally, Verizon has purportedly improved voice and data connectivity as well as made ‘improvements’ to the stock calendar. Anyone with the update that can provide specifics?

Thanks, Tom!

  • wizardprang

    In related news, the Galaxy SIII… doesn’t.

  • SafetyInspector

    As far as I’ve seen with the update, my battery life seems to have improved, LED notifications are all 1 color (Green). If you want the full use of the phone’s colors, use Light Flow. Auto brightness sensitivity is increased. Google Now is awesome. Voice commands are better. The contact list background is white. I’d prefer the original background. Over all, there are many improvements. I love the new update on my Razr HD

  • TuckerMaxxx

    Hah, mine updated.. and battery life took a dump.. the RAM went from 485-500MB to 760-800… and many apps are not operating.. reboots often throughout the day.. and sometimes fails to send/rcv pix msg… oh and I agree with Safety Inspector.. White background for contact list sux.. I hope they can fix this.. grrr.. heh heh