Google Now Updated With More Cards And Faster Results


Today’s update to the Google Search app brings some much needed speed tweaks to Google Now and adds even more scarily useful predictions to its “cards.” The update will probably continue to freak out those of us who are constantly surprised by how much the Goog knows about us but it’s also likely to help holiday travelers. It can now bring up your boarding pass (currently United only) when you need it, give you a heads up about the weather at your intended destination and let you know about events nearby. It will also let you search via the camera presumably in much the same way as Google Goggles.  The update also adds new voice actions like “what song is this?” and “scan a barcode!” And it now officially lets you know your monthly walking and biking distance totals.

I guess no one is going to accuse Google of resting on its laurels, eh?

Source: Android Official Blog