The Times UK Offering A Nexus 7 Tablet For £50 With Subscription


If you are in the UK, then famed publication The Times has quite the offer for you. The publication is offering a special promotion where potential customers can pay a mere a £4 a week for a new subscription to the publication. What’s special about the promotion is that in order to entice potential subscribers, The Times is offering to bundle a snazzy new 32GB Nexus 7 that’s worth £199 for just £50. So basically— readers can get a £4/week subscription and save on a Nexus 7 tablet at the same time. As an alternative, readers can also pay a one time £299 fee for an 18-month subscription that includes The Digital Pack and score the tablet as well.

Prospective or interested customers can grab more details at the source link below.

source: The Times UK

  • pwuk

    or just buy one and read other news sources, 4quid a week? what a bargain