Latest Distribution Chart Shows Gingerbread Is Still The Leading OS, Ice Cream Sandwich No. 2 And Jelly Bean Growing At A Surprisingly Faster Rate


Well friends, it’s about that time see the latest Android distribution trends. As previously predicted, we’re not only a gradual increase of Ice Cream Sandwich-based devices, but we’re beginning to see a sudden spike of Jelly Bean-based devices as well. As indicated in the chart above, we see Gingerbread devices holding steady as the leading OS among devices with a 50.8% market share, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich at a 27.5% market share and Jelly Bean with a 6.7% market share. What’s even more astounding is Ice Cream Sandwich has grown ever so slightly at a hair under 2% since last month, Jelly Bean’s distribution has more than doubled since the last distribution chart— giving the clear indication that we’re seeing the adoption of Jelly Bean devices or Jelly Bean updates faster than we previously thought. Then again, the recent release of all those cool Nexus phones and Nexus tablets may have something to do with the statistics as well.

It’ll be interesting to see next month’s distribution chart to see how much momentum Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean will be able to continue gathering.

source: Android Developers