Verizon Galaxy Note 2 now has root

The Note 2 has been available on Verizon for less than a week and it’s already been rooted to join the rest of the family. Like other Samsung phones, it involves using ODIN to flash a rooted image file. Unlike the other versions of the Note 2, there are a few bugs. The phone signal indicator breaks, although data does still work, and some users report that it’s not quite as fast as the stock image. Regardless, I’m sure the bugs will be worked out soon.

The bootloader is still locked, so no custom ROMs (yet) but it doesn’t usually take too long to solve these “problems.” If you’re a Verizon Note 2 owner, hit the link below to get started.

source: XDA

  • lean6rtj

    No way am I going to risk bricking my G-Note 2. It’s fine the way that it is.

    • Haunting

      it’s very rare to actually *brick* a phone when rooting so long as you are savvy enough to know what you’re doing chances are you can recover it. Bricking it beyond repair, very rare…

      That being said one of the most impressive things about the phone is how fast and smooth it runs so until they’ve resolved that noted issue I won’t be rooting mine either.