Bend The Brand Loyalty Like Beckham: Busted With An iPhone [Update]

Worse than Devine Brown, worse than Monica Lewinsky. worse than whatever her name is with the Director of the CIA: you had to cheat with the iPhone!  Just a few short months ago David Beckham and Samsung were two lovebirds frolicking about London. Their video homage to the Galaxy Note was much hotter than anything put out by Paris or Kim. And now the soccer star has been caught with another smartphone manufacturer. At least he had the good sense to say, “It’s not a Samsung, sorry.” We’re hopeful the two can put this indiscretion behind them.

Hit the break to see Beckham caught red handed.  The phone rings during an LA Galaxy press conference for the MLS Cup on Saturday. He jokes about answering but must remember he signed a contract to promote Samsung NOT Apple handsets.

Update: It turns out Posh Spice has nothing to worry about. Number 23 is NOT a cheater. The iPhone belonged to a member of the press. Beckham is still true to Samsung.

  • Jason Walker

    They need to take all that contract money back

    • RTWright

      You need to get a life man, really? This is why people say that we’re as bad as those that use the iPhone ;p

  • Enanitos

    Hope you know that was the phone of a member of the press. There were a few devices on there recording the press conference.

  • Anthony Calardo

    That was a press phone recording the interview that should have been on airplane mode, but funny nontheless.

  • Thomas

    It wasn’t recording the press co ference. He’s holding the damn thing on his hand!!