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Jet Set Radio Hits the Play Store

We gave you the heads up a couple of weeks ago about the 12-year old game that was originally released on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast. Today is the day to get your retro tag and grind on – jet set, in-line skate style on your Android device. Cell-shaded games were all the rage back in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Now, those feeling a little nostalgic can go back in time and enjoy a faithful port of this niche game.  


In the game itself, you use in-line skates to troll around town and mark or ‘tag’ your territory with graffiti all while performing flips and tricks.The game now features high-resolution graphics and has also been optimized for touch screens on our devices. The game will feature 10 playable characters and you’ll be able to rock out to the same in-game tracks as the original game. It will set you back 5 bucks, but the game is definitely different than others out there. 


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