Clear Talk Acquires 700 Mhz Spectrum From Verizon


In an effort to consolidate its massive network just slightly, Verizon recently sold 10 lower 700 MHz B-block licenses to wireless service provider Clear Talk. I’m sure many of you are wondering what the significance of this recent deal is, right? It’s simple really: Verizon wanted to sell its lower 700 MHz spectrum licenses to rationalize its spectrum holdings and enable more spectrum to reach the marketplace where it can be used for the benefit of customers. In other words— Verizon feels that more of its spectrum can indirectly reach a wider range of customers through a sale to another operator, which is significant because the spectrum covers additional areas in Texas, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico.

If you happen to be a Clear Talk subscriber or customer, it’s looking more and more like you have a lot to look forward to— especially if you’re itching to jump on one of those awesome 4G LTE devices.

source: Verizon Wireless News Center