Facebook Encourages Employees To Use Android Devices To “Droidfood” New Software


Well this is certainly a surprise. It’s no surprise Android is easily the fastest growing mobile platform in the world, but the largest social network in the world is encouraging its employees to jump on the Android bandwagon, if they haven’t already. Hot off the heels of its native app currently en route to devices everywhere, Facebook is enacting the process of “Droidfooding”: having its employees test out beta software before the masses do– an act that’s similar to the Dogfooding that Google does with its own employees. The hope is that the various Facebook employees will be able to use early builds of the newer generation software and identify any bugs or issues that may come up– a process called “Rage Shake”. Many of you may be wondering what Facebook’s reasoning is for encouraging its employees to use Android devices when testing out new software instead of iPhones, right? It’s quite simple actually: Androids offer the same straightforward user experience an iPhone does, while also offering much more flexibility in customizing the software.

Looking at the bigger picture, the various issues that may arise during the development of the Facebook apps should be fixed much more efficiently and quickly— meaning we should be seeing an improved Facebook experience on our Android devices much sooner than later.

source: Tech Crunch

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • http://twitter.com/cchiapusio ‘Chip’ Chiapusio

    how can you see that poster, write this article, and still completely fail because you used droidflooding as opposed to droidfooding

  • Sir Alex

    So is it Droidflood or Droidfood?

  • 1huckabuck

    Well you have to understand that all things in life run on a pattern, a CYCLE. Change or true change is truly hard to come by. That one article online that I read but it seems internet companies even the most successful ones from the jump have about a 11 year life span. I think Facebook is in its 9th year, but their is a formula to all of humans endeavours, even the cycles with which the U.S. extolls an aggressive forewing policy to when it goes introverted, there are no exceptions(Schlesinger discovered that one for the U.S.), but basically it is smart of Facebook to encourage Android, and we shall see where it goes.

    • 1huckabuck

      foreign *

    • 1huckabuck

      Change where it will lead or usher in something better. Of course change could also lead for a turn to the worst.

    • 1huckabuck

      I think he discovered it was every 25 years, any who his discovery was pretty deep.

      • 1huckabuck

        He went all the way back to 1776, which, yeah, goodnight