Official photos of HTC Deluxe DLX show off three color options

HTC’s yet to be released Deluxe DLX superphone (the international brother to Verizon’s new Droid DNA) spent some good time in front of the camera recently. These newer photos reveal that the 5-inch HD device will come in three color variations: white, black, and brown.

The specs on the Deluxe DLX are expected to be identical to the Droid DNA, including a true HD 5-inch (1920 x 1080) Super LCD 3 display at 440ppi, a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera with ImageSense, 2.1MP front facing camera with an 88 degree wide angle lens, 16GB of internal storage, 2020mAh battery, NFC, worldwide GSM capability, and Beats Audio.

The price and release date are still unknown, but the source of the images stated that we should expect more information on December 6th. With the holidays around the corner this could make the perfect gift for tech enthusiasts everywhere. Hit the break for more images.

If you were gonna pick up this phone, which color would you choose?

Soure: GSM Arena

About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.

  • lean6rtj

    It just doesn’t make sense to put Beats audio out there as a major feature, and then not have an external SD card slot to attract people who would pop in an SD card preconfigured music library. I get a new Android phone, and the first thing that I do is pop open the back cover to move my music library into the device and to assign a location for pictures and videos to save to. Why don’t they get that simple concept?

    • Lols

      When I get a new android phone, the first thing I do is sign in to my Google Music account. Bam 19,000 song library instantly.

      • hurp

        and you have coverage in the subway? what carrier?!

        • Makoute

          And how about data caps!

          • datname

            and what if you aren’t in the US?

      • Guest

        OH BOY, YOU GUYZ SHUR IS CLEVER. Are you really not covered by wi-fi for 90% of your day? I am. You know what that means? My use case is different than yours and different solutions work for me than will work for you. I know, it’s crazy.

  • JamesTiberiusKirk

    Just if anybody is wondering, the pen in the first picture is a Lamy Safari. They haven’t used it though which can be seen because it still has the cardboard collar to make sure that the ink cartridge inside the pen doesn’t get punctured and the pen starts leaking during transit. Great pen though.

    Oh yeah, the phone’s beautiful.