Orgarhythm THD released for Tegra 3 powered devices

More gaming news today for owners of Android devices. Acquire Corporation recently released a new title, Orgarhythm THD for Tegra 3 powered devices. Orgarhythm is a game that combines strategic thinking necessary to figure out your way through the different challenges with some “sensing” brain activity. The latter occurs as users have to figure out a tapping rhythm to employ to defeat enemies. The game play itself sets up the player as the God of Light battling the God of Darkness, with both sides deploying armies of elemental soldiers.

Acquire will let you download the game for free, but the number of levels available is rather limited. StagePacks are available that add more levels to the game, but each stage pack costs in excess of $8.50. Grabbing all three packs will set you back a good $25. If you are interested in trying out Orgarhythm THD, use one of the download links below.

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source: DroidGamers