Four new ZTE phones announced, covers full spectrum of specifications

ZTE announced its line up of smartphones for late 2012 to early 2013 in a press conference in Russia. Ranging from the quad-core 1.5GHz packing Grand Era, to the lowly single-core 1GHz V790, ZTE is looking to have a device for nearly every consumers needs.

Hit the break for full details and specifications.

Starting at the top, the Grand Era sports a 4.5 inch 720p HD display, a 1.5GHz quad core processor (No word on exact model), HSPA+ connectivity, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, and a 1800 mAh battery. Judging from the specs, it is aiming to be a strong competitor to the international version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. So far, no word on the version of Android, but my guess would be a version of 4.1 Jellybean.

Next is the Grand X LTE T82, which was announced several months ago. This mid range LTE smartphone sports a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 4.3 qHD display, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 1900 mAh battery. Running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this is looking to be a cheaper mid-range phone.

Next up is the V889M, a mid-spec’d dual-SIM phone that promises great battery life. Powered by a 1GHz dual-core chip, and sporting a 4 inch WVGA display, this middle of the road phone promises to deliver up to 450 hours of standby time off of its 1600 mAh battery with a single SIM. With two SIMs the battery drops to 180 hours of standby, but that is still wildly impressive for such a petite battery.

Additionally, they announced a host of low range phones as well. Among these less impressive devices is the ZTE V790, packing a single-core 1GHz processor, 3.5 inch HVGA display and 2MP camera. This phone really shouldn’t get as much attention as its bigger brothers will. However, it is worth mentioning that it does sport dual SIM cards like the V889M.

ZTE’s latest lineup looks to challenge larger manufacturers just enough to keep the small rookie in the smartphone game, but unfortunately, even its flagship Grand Era doesn’t do enough to set it self apart from the other giants of today’s market.

 Source: Mobile-Review

  • LeeKelly

    I bought a ZTE phone 12 months ago. It Stank!. Customer service was more interested in PR than addressing the problem. Had to abandon it and buy a new phone about 45 days later. Ill never ever ever get one of their substandard poorly localized devices again. Let the buyer beware.

  • KS

    Categorically bad products and bad support and no interest in customer satisfaction. This company will not succeed, and you will be left with dead-end products.