Avengers Initiative from Marvel ready to land on Android devices

If you have ever muttered to yourself, “HULK SMASH!” Marvel may have a new game right up your alley. Demonstrating the influence of smartphones and tablets, Marvel is releasing Avengers Initiative as a title specifically developed for touchscreen devices. This is the first of four planned titles in the series, this one giving players the opportunity to play as the Hulk.

The back story involves several monsters and criminals breaking free from a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. The Hulk is recruited to track down as many of the bad guys as he can while the rest of the Avengers are assembled. Marvel indicates the combat system is completely gesture based with high definition visuals. Players can customize their Hulk character and access on-line features like live events and new character reveals. Marvel has created a new service called Marvel XP that will let players track progress, receive achievement rewards, unlock badges and other character content. The system is also supposed to work across multiple games like the Avengers Alliance game on Facebook.

Avengers Initiative requires Android 4.0 or better and Marvel lists about 18 devices the title will work on. If you have a Tegra powered device, Marvel has included some TegraZone enhancements like better character textures, realistic clothing, life-like environments, and Iso-8 effects.

Avengers Initiative is available in the Google Play store using one of the links below for $6.99 $4.99. Who is ready to show they are the strongest there is?

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  • valnac

    if there is one thing about being on Android that makes me envy the Apple folks, it’s stuff like this. I get excited about a new game release for our platform, only to be disappointed by the fact that neither my phone nor my tablet are in the list of devices it will actually run on.