Google Customer Support gives free Nexus 4 to unsatisfied buyer

By now we are all familiar with the Nexus 4 launch fiasco, during which Google sold out of its flagship device in mere minutes leaving many unsatisfied would-be buyers. Worse than that, many customers who were able to successfully purchase a device did not receive any sort of confirmation email from Google indicating that their purchase went through (though their bank statements confirmed that their credit cards were charged). While some customers have already received their coveted device, many others are stuck wondering if they will ever receive their Nexus 4 at all. One unhappy customer took the proactive approach and instead of waiting for his tracking number, called Google’s customer support lines. After countless phone calls and emails this persistent person was rewarded with an unexpected and exciting email: Google offered him their apologies and a free Nexus 4! Wow! Persistence truly pays off! Now if only Google would offer that deal to the several other unsatisfied customers! Something tells us that is just wishful thinking.

Have any of you had any interactions with Google’s Customer Support department regarding your Nexus order? If so, how did it go?

Source: Phandroid

About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.

  • Matt

    I was one of those who intended to buy a single Nexus 4 but actually ended up paying for (and receiving) 2 8GB Nexus 4s due to the fact that Google’s site was hammered to death last week on the 13th. I tried to cancel the 2nd device before it shipped, but a Google Play email as well as a Google Play phone rep. informed that I missed the one hour cutoff time after placing my order in which to cancel said order. So, naturally, I went on eBay and sold one of them for $476 =)

  • Pepe

    So I get backordered due to lack of stock and there’s people recieving Nexus 4 because they feel unsatisfied. Good Fucking Job.

  • Maff Mace

    I was fuming, why did someone who knew the phone number get a free phone but those of us who were just as annoyed get sod all?

  • NickyA

    i don’t know where you got this info from, but I’d say it is highly unlikely

    • Alex Enfiedjian

      The Android Blog Phandroid got a report, and then called Google to confirm it. According to them Google confirmed it to be true.

  • Anne Ominous

    Google has a support number? Who knew??

  • grammarisyourfriend


  • samraven

    i had just about every problem you could have getting my nexus. i called in, the rep was really helpful, but the end result was actually “call back tomorrow”…. so I did. all in all it took a few days of calls and then my nexus arrived randomly (since I wasn’t receiving shipping confirmations, or actually anything from google other than the initial purchase transaction being listed on my google wallet). When I reached out by phone, it took three days for my google nexus to be at my doorstep. it was not free.