How to unlock Google’s newest Easter egg: ‘BeanFlinger’ daydream

If you have a Nexus 4 or a Galaxy Nexus that has been updated to Android 4.2, then now is your chance to unlock one of Google’s hidden Easter eggs within the OS. If you recall, Android 4.2 offers a new feature called “daydreams” which is essentially a screen-saver type of function. There’s five stock daydreams available, but there’s a hidden fifth one that’s unlockable if you access the Jelly Bean “Easter egg” animation where you repeatedly tap on the Android version within settings.

Once that’s done, the “BeanFlinger” daydream will be unlocked. You’ll be able to find it under Settings > Display > Daydreams. If you have an Android 4.2 device that supports Daydreams, then this should be available to you.

As always, have fun!

  • Robert Michael Brown

    I just did this on my android 4.1.2 phone. You may try other versions of android to see if this Easter egg exists in them as well.

    • Garret

      thanks dude!

    • sergio

      I did it as well and I got the flying beans, but can’t find daydream in settings. Can you?

      • jonni

        It happened when I updated my phone, but its nowhere yo be found

  • 1huckabuck

    Its not even working on my Nexus 7. There is a new feature, I think its new, you tap your screen 3 times to make the display bigger. I’m able to tap on it numerous times on Android Version 4.2 without making the screen bigger but still Nada. I’ll keep trying.

    • 1huckabuck

      No Easter Egg although I could bring it up before…

      • 1huckabuck

        Accessablitity>Magnification Gestures turned Off. That feature was kind of annoying..

        • 1huckabuck

          I got out to work after disabling Magnification Gestures, hallelujah!

          • 1huckabuck

            got it*

  • 1huckabuck

    Thanks Macky

    • Macky Evangelista

      Welcome! First time someone has thanked me by my first name. :)