Google+ now has direct download links for Play Store apps


There’s a cool little feature that’s just been implemented in Google+. Whenever a user links to an app in the Play Store on G+, that post will have a direct download link that users can download the app from without being redirected to the Play Store page. Not a huge feature, but little things like that make the user experience that much better.

Google+ has done an excellent job of setting up new ways to share content with friends and family, from music, movies, and now applications. And with Google+ naturally growing in size, it’s great to see Google trying to help it along and adding new features for users.

source: Google+

  • Aminul Islam Sajib

    This is no big deal. Clicking the install button does not pop-up the installation window. It opens a new tab and opens the linked Google Play page just the same way it would when clicking on the link. So, the install button is basically a show off.