PSA: Nexus Play Store Links Now Up For US Customers!! (Update)


Just a quick reminder folks— the latest Nexus pages on the Play Store is now live folks! We here are Talk Android are having some difficulties processing our payments and there are additional reports surfacing of others having trouble too, but we are hoping there are just some minor kinks and that the masses can finally grab the latest edition to pure Android glory.


Update: the 16GB units of the Nexus 4 are completely sold out as of 12:10pm EST and the 8GB Nexus 4 units are now listed as “Coming Soon”. Let us know if you folks had any luck grabbing one of those bad boys.


  • Michael

    Ordered the 16GB at 8:34am and order went through with no problem.

    • Bryce Barrand

      ARGH! I tried then and it just said “coming soon” the whole time!

  • Alonso Rodriguez

    You came in late! They opened the store at 8:30 AM PST. By 9 AM PST the N4 16GB was already sold out.

    • Andrew

      What is the status of purchase?

      • Alonso Rodriguez

        Confirmation email sent. I bought 2x16GB.

        • Andrew

          Can you tell the status of your order on Google Play store?

  • jeremy

    This is irritating!!!! I am in Canada and it appears theres no point in even trying. Ugh GOOGLE WTF??? DID YOU NOT LEARN YOUR LESSON WITH NEXUS 7!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Peter Ricci

    I have tried repeatedly to order, get stuck on processing and now it seems they are all sold out, I have no idea whether any of my transactions went through, this is a pretty bad advert for Google Wallet and Google

  • Bryce Barrand

    I refreshed every couple of minutes starting at 12:00 EST and I never saw anything other than “Coming Soon” for the Nexus 4 :(

  • GeelyWeed

    Can someone tell who bought nexus 4, What the status of purchase is ?

    • Colton Kaiser

      So far, I haven’t been charged. In fact, I haven’t even received an order confirmation or a receipt. However, If I log in to Wallet, it shows the order as “pending.”

  • Henry R

    pathetic, google.

  • Colton Kaiser

    Managed to place an order for the 8GB about 10 minutes ago. It seems as though if you keep refreshing, you may get lucky.

  • Kreft

    Said they were going to start at 12 pm est. Started at like I think 11:36 and I missed out. Kept trying and got it at 1:30 :) Oh. Referring to the 16gb N4. Love you Google.

  • Dagmar Schneitz

    Yeah, the real question is how soon? Will the next edition be out before this edition be out?

  • Aaron Weyhrich


  • Christopher

    If you keep refreshing every few seconds, you might be able to purchase one, you have to be real quick, though. It took me about 15 minutes, but I was able to buy two 16GB models, around 12:30pm MST.

    My best guess (based on what people are saying on XDA), is that lots of people accidentally bought multiple devices in all the chaos this morning, and now they are canceling their orders.

  • Esteban Ventura

    I JUST ORDER 3 (2 8GB / 1 16GB) around 4 pm Central / keep checking refreshing!!!!