Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 now available from the UK Google Play Store

Following the exclusive first go-around by the Australians, the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10 have officially gone on sale in the UK and other select European territories. If your country has access to a Google Play devices store, you can now place your order for either of the two devices, with your choice of storage capacity.

Users are reporting that Google is currently having technical issues handling the intensive load of web traffic within the Play Store, though others have confirmed that they are having success after repeatedly trying to get through. So, if you can’t place your order immediately, we suggest you give it another go.

Have you managed to place an order? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: And that’s that. It appears as though both versions of the Nexus 4 have sold out while the Nexus 10 is still available to purchase.

Source: Play Store

  • NickyA

    ordered just after midday in Sydney, Australia

    • Colton Kaiser

      Lucky! I’m waiting very impatiently to place mine.

  • Mark Wheadon

    No dice here in the UK for the 16GB Nexus 4. 8GB yes (but it’s a brave soul who buys the 8GB version). If it sold out, then it sold out fast (less than 20 mins or so?).

  • Greg Tompkins

    Just Ordered mine! :-)

  • Hass

    Looks like 32gb Nexus 10 is sold out in UK. Damn it!

    • Krzysztof Przysowa

      I dont think it is sold out. It wasnt available at all.

  • GarySargent

    Absolutely dreadful experience! I expected better from a multi-international firm like Google. Seems they can’t write a simple shopping cart that can handle load. Took 30 mins of trying multiple times to complete the shopping cart, and I’m now left with TWO orders instead of one for a Nexus 10! Been waiting on the phone for support for 15 minutes and still on hold :-(

  • jeremy

    Man I live in Canada and I was planning on ordering Thursday. Maybe thats not the best plan. Really hope i can get one. :-(

  • Ruben Bierings

    Can’t buy this in the Netherlands, because we have no Play Store. Will also not be available in the future. I guess Netherlands is only good for the tax avoidance schemes of Google. Bit of a disappointment I think..