UK court orders Apple to pay Samsung’s legal fees on an indemnity basis

Remember that pathetic attempt at an apology that Apple published a little over a week ago regarding Samsung and the Galaxy Tab? Apparently the UK courts didn’t find it too amusing and has ordered Apple to pay Samsung’s legal fees. While it’s not that rare that the loser in a UK case has to front the legal fees for the other party, slapping the “Indemnity” title to it certainly makes it stand out. In such instances the company will have to pay more under the Indemnity basis vs. the “Standard” basis.

I’m sure money won’t be a problem but the intent of the Indemnity tag is to humiliate Apple even more so than what they’ve already experienced. Don’t think they’ve been humiliated during the process? Just read their attempt at the apology. Kind of reminds you of the little kid you make apologize to the other kid, yet they don’t actually use the word “sorry.” Little embarrassed there, Apple? Or just arrogant? Well, that arrogance will now cost even more. The UK courts have not taken too well to that half-assed apology and called them on it even going so far as saying Apple was criticizing the courts decision in the “apology” verbiage – thus now the Indemnity basis. Only Apple would make something more out of a given situation. Any publicity is good publicity, right Apple?

source:  The Verge

About the Author: Sean Stewart

Born in Tennessee yet raised in Florida, Sean is an analyst now living back in Tennessee. His love for gadgets and electronics began in the early 90’s when he received a Sony Walkman for Christmas. At the time, he felt the cassette tape playing, Mega-Bass wielding, three-band equalizer piece of electronics was as good as it'll ever get. There was also the original Nintendo which consumed countless hours of his youth, followed by every follow-up version, a Sega Genesis, PlayStations, and Xboxes. He was a little late to the smartphone party however, not being exposed to one until running a jail-broken, 2nd Gen iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. His phone of choice now is the Galaxy Nexus. He spends most of his free time with his wife and two daughters.

  • Biocot Samsung

    Tired of this Samsung. Copycats now this judge in favor of this fridge and drier-machines, please back the basic Samsung do what you do best appliances for home not technology ….

    • DoctorVad Gers

      You want to look into the diverse range of products that Samsung make before you go shooting yer gob off pal!!! BTW, funny how it’s only US courts, blatently biased towards a US company, who cant tell the fucking difference between two obviously different products.

    • someone

      I know I’m feeding the troll a little, but do you realize that Samsung has sold more phones than any other company? Perhaps other companies should go back and stick to their overpriced MP3 players?

  • Chris

    Get lost apple fan boy. I only wish the Judge ordered the arrogant shits to do another apology.

  • RTWright

    Gotta love the crApple supporters always coming here to spread themselves thicker and thicker without anything of knowledge about the company that they’re lemmings to…. I do hope one day when their beloved company extends itself so much that they end up having to file for Bankruptcy from wasting so much money and starting to lose fights that are costly. No wont happen anytime soon, but if they don’t stop on their current path they will end up there at some point and we’ll all laugh.

  • GraveUypo

    “Any publicity is good publicity, right Apple?”

    not when it’s for your main competitor