Google clarifies the availability and shipping dates on their Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 release

While everyone is highly anticipating the release of Google’s next 2 Nexus devices, the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, many questions has risen within the community on how Google will handle it when it’s available this Tuesday on November 13th. There were some questions whether there will be pre-orders or if Google will even ship these devices on the 13th when ordered. Thanks to the folks at Android Police, they got an answer straight from Google themselves:

AndroidPolice: Is Google going to start shipping on the 13th or open pre-orders? In other words, when will the first customers be able to hold the new Nexuses in their paws?

Google PR Rep: They’ll start shipping on that date.

AndroidPolice:Alright, thanks. Do you know when the pre-orders will start then?

Google PR Rep: Right now, it’s “Notify me” and on 11/13 it will switch to available for order.

There you have it guys, if you were to order right on the 13th then you should expect your device to ship on that same day. Although I would suggest to order it as early in the day as you can, because if you order it at night then the device will most likely ship the next day. Also, Google’s standard shipping is a 2-day flat rate, thus you should expect the device around Thursday or Friday. If you want it even earlier, I believe overnight shipping may also be available should you opt for that. Sadly, no information was given as to the exact time the devices will be available to purchase. Keep in mind that the Play Store runs on Pacific standard time as Google’s HQ is located in California. My best guess is that it’ll be available either right at 12:00am PST or perhaps sometime in the morning to give everyone a fair shot at ordering it as early as possible.

Are you all excited to order the N4 or N10? If so, I would bookmark the order pages from the Play Store and keep those fingers fresh for a non-stop round of F5’s!

Nexus 4
Nexus 10
via: Android Police 

  • iomega

    Take my money!

    • Macky Evangelista

      Soon enough!

  • Jeremy

    Pumped and the web page has been open in a tab since it went up. Lol

    • Macky Evangelista

      Can’t blame ya. ;)

  • Paul

    Who do they ship with in the UK?

    • nexus

      I read on the Google play store website the other day that it was TNT, and the shipping time was 1 to two business days, as it looks like it is in America as well. I’m hoping I get it Thursday!

      • Macky Evangelista

        Thursday is my best guess as well. :) That is if you order it early in the day of the 13th.