T-Mobile to hold two-day Samsung sale next week offering free devices, Galaxy S III included

In what may no doubt be the best deal of the season, our friends over at TmoNews have come across a screenshot of an upcoming T-Mobile Samsung event going down on November 16th and 17th. Based on the screenshot, it looks like most major 4G Samsung devices will be free on a new two-year contract agreement – yes including the Galaxy S III. While the picture doesn’t specifically show the Note II, we’re holding out hope that it’ll be included, although at the same time, we’re not holding our breath.

A Galaxy S III for free is obviously a pretty sweet deal though. The only choice for those with visions of the Galaxy S III dancing in their heads will come down to network and coverage. Remember, there are a few other retailers offering the Galaxy S III for $50 on contract on other carriers. So what will it be – the Galaxy S III on T-Mobile for free, or on AT&T or Sprint for $50? Or will you go a totally different route? Let us know your plans this holiday season.

source: TMoNews

About the Author: Sean Stewart

Born in Tennessee yet raised in Florida, Sean is an analyst now living back in Tennessee. His love for gadgets and electronics began in the early 90’s when he received a Sony Walkman for Christmas. At the time, he felt the cassette tape playing, Mega-Bass wielding, three-band equalizer piece of electronics was as good as it'll ever get. There was also the original Nintendo which consumed countless hours of his youth, followed by every follow-up version, a Sega Genesis, PlayStations, and Xboxes. He was a little late to the smartphone party however, not being exposed to one until running a jail-broken, 2nd Gen iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. His phone of choice now is the Galaxy Nexus. He spends most of his free time with his wife and two daughters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judith.laguerre Judith Natural LaGuerre

    is it free with a rebate as well or just free?

  • http://www.facebook.com/judith.laguerre Judith Natural LaGuerre

    would love it to be just free