Humble Bundle for Android 4 has arrived, pay what you want for five great titles plus a bonus

Humble Bundle for Android 4 has arrived with six awesome mobile and desktop titles. You can pay whatever you want to support developers and charities for these five titles:

  • Crayon Physics
  • RTS Eufloria
  • Splice
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Waking Mars

If that’s not enough, if you pay more than the average price at the time of your visit, you will also get Machinarium. At the time of this post, the average is $5.51 and over 18,000 bundles has already been sold, and it just started. All games are compatible with Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you were to buy all these games separately it would cost $119, but you can name your price. Plus, you can allocate part of your purchase to the Electronic Foundation (Internet freedom non-profit) and the Child’s Play Charity (providing technology & games for kids in hospitals). Previous Humble Bundles has generated more than $7,550,000 for charity.

Check out the video below and hit the source link below to get started.

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