Leaked Sam’s Club Black Friday ad shows Galaxy S III price at $0.96

As we move further into the holiday season, we’re going to start hearing more rumors about phones, tablets, and the occasional Black Friday ad. Sam’s Club has recently leaked an ad for November 23rd with a few interesting deals, especially if you’re interested in picking up a new Android phone or tablet at a great price.

Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S III, will be available for only $0.96. That’s probably only the 16GB model, but for less than a dollar, who would really complain about that? So far, we know it will be available in blue and white, but there’s no word on carrier availability yet. It’s also worth mentioning that this deal is in-club only, so if you’re a primarily online shopper, you’ll have to do a little extra work to snag this deal.

If you’re not in the market for a new phone, Sam’s Club is also offering two models of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 as well. The 7 inch and 16GB 10 inch WiFi model will be on sale for $179 and $299, respectively. This deal, unlike the Galaxy S III, will be available online, so it’ll be a little more flexible to work with.

Anyone planning on upgrading their devices after seeing these discounts?

source: Android Authority