Canadian carrier Rogers set to launch unlimited talk plans starting November 7th

The Canadian wireless carrier Rodgers is planning to overhaul their plans. The plans look great and it seems like they’re focusing on unlimited texting and calling on most of the plans, while differentiating on the data portion. Here’s what you can expect within the new plans:

  • $55 (Occasional plan) – 200 MB, 1,000 weekday minutes
  • $65 (Social plan) – 1 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $75 (Streamer plan) – 3 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $95 (Connected plan) – 5 GB, unlimited Canada-wide calling

Rogers plans to unveil these plans and make them available tomorrow November the 7th. Any Rogers customers out there going to gives these a go?

source: Android Central

  • Tuna

    Is this even news? Same shit for 35euro in Sweden …

  • wahid


  • Eric Cheung

    who cares about talk time. look at those ridiculous data prices.. rogers sucks

  • Corey N

    The service providers rates in Canada are absolutely ridiculous, but I think we are absolutely ridiculous for putting up with it. Canada being, one of the most, if not the most expensive countries to have a phone. After all airwaves are free right?