Apple posts new statement about Samsung case after court rebuke


After a rather stinging development this week when the UK court of appeals chastised Apple for their recent attempt to post a court-ordered statement on their web site concerning one of their many lawsuits with Samsung, Apple has posted a new statement on their UK web site. Apple was required to post a statement indicating Samsung did not copy the iPad when producing the Galaxy line of tablet devices. Apple does not exactly say that, but they do state that Samsung does not infringe on a specific Apple registered design. The new statement probably meets the legal requirements of the UK court.

Apple managed to get a new statement on their homepage that meets the court’s font size mandate within the time frame mandated by the court. Despite protesting that it would take two weeks to do so, Apple managed to achieve this coding feat within the 48 hours set forth by the court. It is not clear whether Apple’s attorneys realized they were representing a client that is a huge technology firm and might possibly have the resources to update a web page. Another alternative is that someone in Apple woke up to the fact that the required posting time frame will now result in the statement being on the web site well into the holiday shopping season and perhaps it would be best to just get things over with as quickly as possible. Apple appears to have taken care to not include any sneaky commentary regarding the court’s ruling in relation to results from other courts. If there is anything positive for Apple in this particular incident it is that the court allowed them to put the statement in the footer of the homepage instead of front and center.

After the original court of appeals ruling upholding the judgment in Samsung’s favor, there was a possibility of an Apple appeal. Given their attempts to comply with the court’s order to publish a statement on their web site and take out print ads, it appears Apple is conceding this skirmish. If the courts are satisfied with this latest attempt, then this lawsuit should be completely resolved by December 14th.

source: Apple UK

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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  • kaviraj

    I am not satisfied….why can’t they just say “samsung did not copy Apple”
    since they were marketing that samsung copied them everywhere in media,now they should take their words back the same way…post it in bigger font and on the front page….no fuckin clickable links…

  • phor11

    Did you notice that they also added code to the site that tries to auto-adjust the size of the iPad mini picture to push the “apology” off the screen?

    I hope the court notices this.
    It’s the second time they’ve blatantly tried to disobey the spirit of the ruling.
    And with their first statement basically implying that the EU court came to the wrong ruling, I’d be looking to stick it to them HARD for once again disobeying.