It’s time for another Drop and Dunk test: Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini vs iPad 3

Now that the iPad Mini has been announced, it’s time to pit it against the Nexus 7 in a drop and dunk test. The folks at SquareTrade always do a great job with these and this one is no exception. For this test, they created a dropbot to make sure everything is fair and even. They conducted 3 tests. The first is a drop from 4 feet where the tablets land on their corners, the second is face down from 4 feet, and the third is a dunk in a bath of water for 10 seconds. They even threw in an iPad 3 for the ride. So how will the Nexus 7 fare? Hit the break for the complete video to find out.

source: SquareTrade – YouTube


  • cooldoods

    The iPad mini shattered on the face-down drop so how did it win this face-off?

    • Vyrlokar

      Ni idea. Then again it held better in the other two tests. The water test though, I would have waited to see if the Nexus 7 went back to working, and what the long term effects on all of them would be (as in non-functioning microphones/speakers/headphone jacks/connectors)

  • Aros

    either they were paid to say that or the fact that out of the three it had the overall least amount of damage

  • PKM

    Its a lot better, but still they counted restart on nexus as the device being broken, they didnt check if anything works and how it works.

  • Damien Callaly

    I know lots of people with various tablets all have covers on them at all times.Does anyone use a tablet without cover?