Apple Offers Another Apology… Well Statement Highlighting Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Did Not Infringe On The iPad


Apple got away with giving a half-assed apology before online and it has done the same in print publications. After the courts telling it to give its attempt at an apology another try online, Apple went ahead and created another version of its apology in the famed UK print publication The Guardian. As you can see above, Apple clearly outlines the facts that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab did not infringe on the iPad— though Apple doesn’t say sorry anywhere in its statement. Naturally we’re all expecting to see a real apology—- you know the one where you actually say sorry— to appear soon, very soon on Apple’s website, so the courts and/or Sammy shouldn’t be too disgruntled we suppose.

source: Gizmodo UK

  • Andy J

    but… they haven’t been ordered to apologise – they were only ordered to inform the public that the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not infringe on any of Apple patents or registered designs.

    • Johnny Murillo

      That’s true, but Apple deserves to be humiliated anyways. Their a bunch of hypocrites! Suing for any little thing or any kind of likeness, yet they outright steal Androids drop down notification system. And now I hear they also want to make their App icons like Windows Phone 7’s live tiles? COME ON!! Apple thinks it’s products are Gods gift to the world. Just listen to their commercials? And then they price it so high cause they know millions of mindless iSheep will pay through the roof for it? Even though there’s similar products with equal to better specs. People now buy Apple just for its brand name, & that’s just pathetic! Wake your ass up! iSheep?

      • Andy J

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m far from being an Apple fan – and I totally agree they need to brought back down to reality with a large fall – but I was simply commenting on the fact that they were never ordered to apologise – despite every tech blog going reporting that they were.

  • Albert Rabuyo

    Not so much of an apology as to just a paraphrasing of the court order.