Apparently, Google Now tracks the distance you’ve walked and biked each month

Well this sure was something that surprised me. A buddy of mine sent me a screen shot of his Google Now in which it apparently tracked the distance he’s walked in the past two months. Other reports have also cited that it tracks you when you ride a bicycle. I actually had no idea Google would be implementing this so I find it pretty cool that it tracks that for you each month by using your Android device’s location from time to time.

I know there’s people out there that are creeped out by the fact of how much info is sent back to Google, so I can see if this bugs a certain few. As for me, I think it’s great and kind of cool to see my total pace month by month.

Has anyone else seen this in their Google Now on their Android device? Let us know!

Thanks, Justin

  • Mike

    not seeing it via CM10 nightly, yet

  • Fong Wai Kit

    Hahah I have this card shown on my Galaxy S3 too! =)

  • Seth

    Google’s location history is horribly inaccurate so I don’t see how this will be any better. Traveled 1643 miles on Monday, but in reality it was 135. That’s the pinnacle of technology for ya

  • John Cross

    Yep just showed up on mine. But the problem is it’s winter here in Alaska and i have not ridden my bike in months. And it says I’ve ridden 5 miles this month.

    • Rob Schaub

      Cause your driving as slow as a bike would ride.. lol


        True on that 1.: ROB & JOHN CROß


        True on that 1.: ROB & JOHN CROß

  • Nez

    It would be more exciting if it was even close to right. Being that I cycle over 400 miles a month and listed 75 miles and only walked 5.. I think whatever they are judging is a bit off. Cool idea though I’ll give it that.

  • Dokuchaev Konstantin

    Didn’t see this, but it’s interesting feature. Can’t wait

  • Andrei Tamas

    Yup, this also popped up in my Google Now yesterday.

    It was a nice surpise :D I wonder what other surprises like this do they have in store for us ..