[Deal] Amazon Wireless has the DROID RAZR HD for $129 and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD for $179

One of the newest members of Motorola’s RAZR family is on sale for a pretty big discount on Amazon right now. If you’re not already a Verizon customer, you can pick up the RAZR HD for $129 with a two year contract. If you’re already with Big Red, you can still get the device for $149 on a device upgrade. You’re saving money either way, as Verizon is currently asking $199 for the device.

Sound tempting, but you would rather have the bigger battery in the RAZR MAXX HD? Amazon’s got you covered. The 3,300 mAh beast of a phone is also on sale for $179 for new customers ($199 with an upgrade). If you’ve been wanting to try out Verizon service in your area and you like Motorola hardware, this is a tough deal to pass up. Anyone going to be picking up one of these devices before the end of the week?

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About the Author: Jared Peters

Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC gaming, Lenovo's Moto Z line, and a good productivity app.