Shadowgun:Deadzone public beta now available for Android SDK 3.0+ devices

MADFINGER Games continues to hone their forthcoming title, Shadowgun:Deadzone, with a public beta program. Earlier this month the open beta was announced, but was only available to users who had Tegra 3 powered devices. Yesterday MADFINGER expanded the beta to any device with at least SDK 3.0 or better.

Along with the expansion of the public beta to additional devices, MADFINGER also released some updates for the game. The new features and functions include an unlocked research section where users can make weapons, items, and perks; the ability to make money playing the game; collection of experience points and level ups; and protection for beginners through the use of isolated servers.

MADFINGER indicates they are are working on network code, trying to get some basic gameplay feedback, and addressing bugs. As usual, with a beta version, glitches and other problems should be expected. MADFINGER also indicates they only have a limited number of servers running, so connections to servers may not always be possible.

If you are interested in giving Shadowgun:Deadzone a try, albeit a beta version, use one of the download links below to see if your device is compatible.

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