Sign-up pages for newly announced Nexus devices are live on the Google Play Store

It might as well be Christmas morning for the Android lovers of the world. These are very exciting times for sure. Instead of leaks, we are now seeing a bevy of official news and links regarding the devices that we’ve been speculating about for what seems like all year.


Even though we didn’t see an official Google event due to it being cancelled (you’re in our thoughts, East-coasters), that’s not stopping Google from cutting to the chase and making official what appears to be what they would’ve covered at the New York event. Google has now thrown up the sign-up pages for each of their newly announced devices on the Play Store:  The 16/32GB Nexus 10 tablet, the 8/16GB Nexus 4, and the 32GB HSPA+ Nexus 7. You can hit the links to sign up for news on each of these devices’ availability. Are we having fun yet?


16GB Nexus 10

32GB Nexus 10

8GB Nexus 4 

16GB Nexus 4

32GB HSPA+ Nexus 7