Wow, Samsung records a record 7.4 billion in total earnings during Q3

If you were curious as to how Samsung did during Q3 of this year due to their Galaxy S III sales, the wait is over. Samsung has released their over all sales results of Q3 and it’s a whopping 7.4 billion. Obviously the Galaxy S III has a lot to do with that as their mobile division’s sales more than doubles compared to the same time as last years. Samsung claims to have sold about 18-20 millions Galaxy S III’s during July-September. In comparison, Apple has sold about 26.9 million iPhone’s in that same time period, obviously with most of that being their new iPhone 5.

The large sales in their mobile department also helped mask the fact that their chip sales was cut to almost half as compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, Samsung still posted a record sales number and they’re showing no signs of slowing down with the expected hit of their new Galaxy Note 2 as it is now just starting to hit America.

What do you guys think of Samsung’s record sales? And do you think they’ll slow down or only continue to soar?

source: Reuters

  • GraveUypo

    ewphone still outsells it, even with that crap and totally unimpressive shit that iphn5 was. incredible

    • the whole truth

      What you fail to mention is that Samsung sold 57 million smartphone in the quarter, more than double what Apple sold even with the iphone5 launch

      • Faisal

        Good note..

  • theSuperStar


  • dinmab

    “obviously with most of that being their new iPhone 5.” well there is no way to check that. i can argue that most ppl picked up 4S or 4 after the price drop.

    • Macky Evangelista

      True. But it’s implied. You honestly think the 4S and 4 outsold the 5 during that span? People lined up for days for the 5….