Samsung shows off 3 more videos showing the power of S-Beam that are quite hilarious and convincing [Video]

We’ve all got to love these Samsung videos touting the great features of their Galaxy S III, right? They’re at it again with 3 all-new videos showcasing their beautiful 4.8″ SAMOLED screen and of course, the beautiful features of S-Beam.

First off we have a video showcasing S-Beam where the girls playlist is instantly transferred to the guys (and saves the date at the same time). Second we have a video clearly showing the advantages of Samsung’s innovative 4.8″ SAMOLED screen that clearly outshines the other guys device (looks like an iPhone). And last but not least, we have another video showcasing S-Beam that shows how quickly and effortlessly one can transfer videos to another S III, but in this case Samsung went a little beyond PG-13 and implied a sex tape being transferred. Well, can’t hurt to show its possibilities, right?

Enjoy the videos after the break! And comment below on what you think about them.

  • gnexguy

    Haha you like whine apple whines