“Guru” Gives All Google Talk Users Google Now Features, Regardless Of Mobile OS


If you happen to be on a Jelly Bean-enabled device like me, then you’re always itching to try new and cutting-edge stuff that Google brings to the table like Google Now. Unfortunately, most devices aren’t going to see Jelly Bean and especially Google Now– but Google has indirectly given all Android users (or Google Talk users for that matter) the ability to use a Google Now-like feature called Guru. It works in a simple way too: you add guru@googlelabs.com and Guru is added to your friends’ list. Once he’s a friend, you’re able to issue commands such as the following below:


  • Score *team*: Let’s you search the score of the specified team
  • Weather *city*: Tells you the current weather on defined location
  • Define *word*: Dictionary
  • Translate *word*: Translator


While Guru won’t speak to you, at least all Google Talk and Android users will be able to enjoy Google Now finally— if at least at a basic level.

source: Droid Dog






  • jean_loup

    Except that’s not Google Now at all.

    Google Now is the service that gives you information you need without you needing to request it in the first place. For now it’s limited to weather, traffic information, sports, appointments, flights and places but the point is, you don’t need to do the search, the information is pushed to you.

    Guru seems like it’s just an extension of the knowledge graph to Talk.

  • http://www.cbldatarecovery.com/ ChrisArchitect

    bit of a stretch saying Guru is Google Now. And seriously, this is news from what, MARCH 2011?