LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich will start rolling out tomorrow

Starting tomorrow owners of the LG Spectrum will be able to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and I think the only thing that can come to mind for these owners is FINALLY. From the original leak of the update back in May to finding out Saturday that Verizon has finally approved the update, Spectrum owners have been patiently waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich experience. Well starting tomorrow the wait will be over and owners can rejoice in the improvement that is Ice Cream Sandwich. It may sting to know that they are getting this update well after Jelly Bean has been released and with the anticipation of Android 4.2 growing, but better late than never right?

 Source: Verizon

  • Travis Shepherd

    False, as of 5:00 eastern time I am downloading the update on my wife’s spectrum.

  • http://twitter.com/tmalmond Taylor Almond

    This is why I refuse to switch to Verizon. If only Google would start busting some heads over at Verizon like Apple, we’d get these updates without having to wait for months of “carrier testing” BS.