LG Optimus G to officially have locked bootloader

I know the Optimus G on AT&T and Sprint is on many an Android fan’s wish list this fall. However, this bit of news may curb that enthusiasm just a bit. Our pals over at Android Central have personally written LG and received this response from LG themselves:


The Optimus G doesn’t support an unlocked bootloader.


Straight and to the point. I can’t say that this comes as a huge surprise, it’s just a little perplexing why manufacturers continue to do this.  But there it is, right there in black and white. How will this decision affect your decision on a new device, if at all? LG Nexus anyone?


source: Android Central




  • casey

    Still getting one. I don’t care. I’m not rooting anyway. I might be the only one. Its good to be different and not follow the sheep.

    • Shane Hubble

      Yes.. it’s good to be different and limit yourself from a devices complete functionality. You should continue to use analog instead of digital TVs to be different too. Ask your isp to lock your internet speed to reduce its functionality too, thats unique. Silly comment.

    • RTWright

      What an idiotic ideal way of thinking… I have a GS3 that I have not yet rooted but I’m already looking into it. I’ve had it since it’s release and they’ve yet to get a JB roll out for the US market on them. All the while the International ones are getting it and as well Canadian and other markets. Sprint is the biggest pile of jerks when it comes to approving an OS upgrade that they don’t need to be a part of.

      But due to that issue alone, I am heavily considering rooting my device and getting the full functionality back. I had an Evo4G for two years and it was rooted after having it for less than six months due to this very reason here. But I wont just put any ROM on it, I want a particular one and will not root till I hear it’s fully functional and ready for my device.

  • Shane Hubble

    Hmm might get the HTC DLX now instead.. rooting is something you should be allowed to do. I’m hardly a sheep for needing root access to make proper backups using titanium and use the latest android firmware. :S