Samsung Galaxy Note II now shipping to T-Mobile stores, primed for October 24th release

In news that I’m sure many of you will be excited to hear (or read in this case); it looks like the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile’s network is imminent – as in Wednesday, October 24th. We caught wind of this possibility two weeks ago via an internal T-Mobile screenshot, however, as always, we tempered that enthusiasm and had to file it under “rumor status.” However, the good news is now confirmed as T-Mobile stores have begun to receive shipments for the October 24th release.

T-Mobile has big plans for this device, and you can add me as one looking forward to Wednesday. As far as pricing, seeing as the Galaxy S III is $279.99 on-contract, I think it’s safe to assume that we’re looking in the $300-$349 range, and possibly even more seeing as T-Mobile likes to offer a few pricing options based on the type of plan. Hopefully pricing will be announced very soon. What are your thoughts? Are you more likely to purchase this beast of a device this time around or stick with a more “conventional-sized” phone?

 source:  Phandroid

  • yarrellray

    Prices have already been set. Value plan customers will pay 300 down payment. While Classic plan customers will pay 429 on contract.

  • Sean_Stewart

    Indeed, after we ran this story, it looks like there was a purported price leak. However, before we publish anything, we’ll wait on an official from T-Mobile. As of now, their product page still says “coming soon.”

  • Hameed

    Any news on what the phablet would cost to buy it outright? Specifically the 32 or 64 GB model?
    I hope Rogers in Canada make this phablet available soon.