More info found in LG Nexus dump for Android 4.2; Gallery redesign, multiple user accounts and more

If you read our previous article on this, folks over on Android Police have gotten a hold of a one month old LG Nexus ROM. The ROM is in fact Android 4.2 and with it, they’ve been able to uncover what we should all expect once 4.2 is officially revealed. For starters it looks like the “Gallery” application is getting a complete re-design and as you can see, it follows Google’s Holo UI look and looks very similar to the Google+ application. I actually liked the old look a lot, but I can understand why Google wants to give it a uniform look to match their other apps like Google+ and YouTube. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and I would bet that it’ll look different than what it looks in this photo. For one, the header could certainly still use some work as it just look completely bland at the moment. Either way I personally think it’s a great move, what do you guys think about the new gallery? Also, according to Android Police, the gallery icon that you see here is just a “place holder” and will by no means be the final icon used.

Another feature that has been unearthed is multiple user accounts (cue the claps!). I know this is something that plenty of Android users have been eagerly waiting for. I can see this being very useful if you own a tablet, that way you have something similar to what Windows computer have. It would be nice to have multiple users option on an Android tablet or phone for different people in your family. The multiple user accounts will also feature parental controls where you can choose to have certain accounts to only have certain privileges to your liking. An example of this is that you would able to lock down Play Store purchasing with a PIN number on a per-account basis, and limit account downloads by content rating.

So what do you guys think of Android 4.2 thus far? I think it’s a great incremental upgrade and offers some great new features that makes the Android experience even that much better. I for one cannot wait till October 29th for Google’s event to see all of this officially unfold! Let us know in the comments section!

source: Android Police

  • Nudo

    This kind of innovation is what makes Android so great :)