Samsung Galaxy S III for Three UK now receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA

Samsung has already told us to expect the update to Jelly Bean to take place over the coming months, but subscribers on UK’s Three network are receiving a very early Christmas present. Users are reporting that the carrier is now pushing out an update to Android 4.1.1, making it the first carrier-branded device to receive the highly anticipated firmware upgrade.

If you haven’t already been prompted for the update, you can head into settings > about phone > system updates to check for it manually. The file measures a whopping 286MB, so unless you’ve got loads of data you’ll want to connect to your local WI-Fi network. After you’ve completed the upgrade, be sure to let us know how the new software fares in the comments below.

Source: Android Central

  • azraelscript

    No ota as yet I’m 3 network and have checked manually

  • andy

    Connect via ur pc/laptop and use kies. Mine come ota. My mrs had to to via kies

  • jalilio10

    Hey , i was just wondering, does your phone need to be locked with the network or can you get the update on an unlocked phone?