Uloops Music Composer for Android

For all of you musically inclined Android users out there, this is one application you definitely want to check out.  Uloops Music Composer is an elaborate DAW (digital audio workstation) for Android, which allows users to produce music utilizing a variety of samples and virtual instruments.

If you are familiar with traditional DAWs such as Ableton Live, Reason, or FL Studio, you will find Uloops to be very familiar territory.  You can set the tempo and audio bit rate of your track, choose from several virtual instruments, such as a drum machine, synthesizer, and modulator, and apply various effects, including tremolo, delay, reverb, and chorus.

For a mobile application, the level of detail is simply outstanding.  The virtual modulator, for example, allows for the selection of sine, square, and saw waves.  On top of that, you can adjust individual elements, such as the LFO (low frequency oscillator), VCO frequency, and VCA cutoff.

Once you have composed and are satisfied with your track, you can upload it to the Uloops website, where it can will be categorized based on genre and viewed by all.  Such a feature rich application is deserving of a full review, which you can expect in the coming weeks.  For now, you can hit up the link below to download, and be sure to check out the official Uloops website to listen to samples of people’s works.

Rate and download: Uloops Music Composer (Free)

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