Swype update brings split keyboard and dictionary syncing functionality

Swype has issued an update to its beta keyboard software which adds several new features and enhancements over the previous version. Users can now sync their personal dictionaries across multiple different devices, eliminating the need to re-teach abbreviations or names to each device. In an attempt to cash in on social features, Swype is introducing “hotwords”, a new addition which adds globally trending words to your dictionary.

Also new, is a smaller, more convenient split keyboard for tablet users. Customization serves as a main focus in the newest version of the keyboard too, with the company now allowing users to choose between ten unique keyboard themes. Add this to the plethora of backend overhauls and enhanced support for Japanese and Chinese users, and the new iteration is definitely the one of the best option on the market. Now, if only it we’re actually available on the Play Store.

Source: The Verge


  • PizzaSNob

    Too bad it’s still got that annoying swype connect feature, one too many processes. Swype was ruined after nuance got a hold of it.

  • DKM

    How do you choose between the keyboards themes

    • nelson

      Settings -> language and input -> swype settings -> personalization

  • Nelson

    I was super excited about the themes until I looked at them and found there is no holo theme! All the themes they include are actually worse than the regular.