US Samsung Galaxy S III Not Likely To Get Jelly Bean Update Until Possibly 2013


Please don’t be upset with me Galaxy S III owners, for I am the bearer of bad (and possibly discouraging) news. As Galaxy S III users in Korea and Europe are enjoying the Jelly Bean update on their devices, Jelly Bean testing has seemingly been not as smooth on the carrier-branded versions here in the States. As reported by the Examiner, the US variants of the device will be among the last to get the update and will see the update by “2013”. This is definitely a bummer too because Samsung has shown its commitment to providing timely updates, but the wireless carriers continue to be a thorn in customers’ sides.

For now, we’ll just need to wait and see if the update truly will be delayed for those of us here in the US. The good thing is that 2013 is just around the corner, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long for those Galaxy S III owners.

source: Examiner
via: Android Authority


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  • RTWright

    I would really like to know why from the OEM and Sprint as to the reasons for this, not the excuses. It’s sad that several devices carried by them are getting it but not the GSIII for some stupid reason. The International version has it already, what the hell is so hard to get it to the Carrier based one? I can tell you one thing, this is my last carrier contract I take. I’ll drop them here pretty soon and get me a Non-Carrier tagged device and tell Sprint and all of them where they can shove their services because it’s stupid how they handle upgrades.

    • motabavirus

      I completely agree, but I too will no longer purchase carrier contracted phones. It’s amazing the amount of money I spend each month (over 200.00) with AT&T and this is how they repay me.

  • Faust

    im sorry but this is a stupid conclusion to draw. Not only does every carrier branded version have a leak of jb with touchwiz available as roms but theyre incredibly stable and it seems plausible to say a release could be imminent or by early november at the latest. It just sounds like theyre covering their asses by not setting a date in stone because my fellow android users are rabid about this stuff. as for the gs2 who knows. it will certainly be after thr gs3 and i think they set themselves up for a burn by mentioning it even tho they only said they were testing.

  • Chesty_Spinner


    The full source code for Jelly Bean was released to *ALL* carriers, *ALL* developers, *ANYONE* that wanted it… way back on July 9, 2012.

    Waiting until Jan.2013 to actually GET it on our phones… isn’t exactly my idea of “coming soon.”

    What can we do about it? Absolutely nothing. (And I’m not about to run some “unofficial version” OS downloaded from some random hacker-site.)