Verizon Galaxy S III gets small update, no it’s not Jelly Bean

It looks as if owners of the Verizon Galaxy S III are beginning to see a 62MB-sized update pushed to their devices at this time. We aren’t sure if this is Verizon’s version of the AT&T update that was pushed out about a month ago since it comes in at 20MB less than the 82MB AT&T update. But we do know that it’s not Jelly Bean per Verizon’s release notes, as you’ll still be on 4.0.4 after the update. The update is also said to bring a fix to random reboots as well as better stability in the Play Store. Hopefully this is just the next step in getting that highly anticipated, Jelly Bean update. Be on the lookout for the update notification, or you can always go to About Phone to manually try to grab the update. If you do download it, let us know how noticeable the changes are.

source: Verizon

  • Katy Lawrence

    Whenever a new update comes mind only stops at Jelly Bean, the most awaited update for Android in current time.