Contest: Win a Nexus 7 courtesy of Security Coverage and TalkAndroid [Updated With Winner]

We recently reviewed Password Genie Data Protection, which is a fantastic app for keeping all your accounts and password information safe. It’s one of the must have apps for every Android user. The makers of Password Genie, Security Coverage would like to reward one of our loyal readers with a brand new 8GB Nexus 7. Who’s going to argue with that? Just complete the following two steps to enter for a chance to win.

  1. Like Password Genie on Facebook.
  2. Head over to our forum post and tell us if you have ever been a victim of password theft (I know I have).

What could be simpler? You have until Thursday, October 18 at 11:59pm EST to complete the tasks at hand. On Friday, October 19 we will post the winner. If you are the lucky winner, you can expect an email to the account associated with your username. Good Luck.

Click here to enter


Congratulations to eureb who luckily never suffered from password theft. We hope enjoy your Nexus 7 and keep that trend going.

Thank you all for playing and look for another TalkAndroid contest soon.

  • Derling Campos

    Don’t have a Facebook. How about G+?

  • PMvstheWorld

    My friend had her passwords stolen and l;lots of sexually explicit pictures were posted on her profile for her family, friends, co workers, and school faculty to see. It really affected her her emotionally and she thought her chances of having a career would be over. Very sad and sick what people do to one another just for their own entertainment.

  • PMvstheWorld

    My personal experience wasn’t nearly as traumatic. Just a whole lot of annoying sneaker ads on my profile.

  • Alex Vidrean

    My Facebook account was once accessed from North America and I live in South-East Europe, but I acted quickly and there were no problems.

  • gopadge

    While I’ve been a part of several internet hack exposures, I haven’t had a malicious hack yet. I’ve been fortunate to keep up on the news and been able to reset my passwords before any damage was done.

  • Rashed Rab

    My friend’s hotmail account was hacked. We had to contact microsoft and send them proof of previous emails from my account.Then, they let us reset password and gain access to the account. Nothing serious happened as we took immediate action.

  • barli

    i hate you password thief :'( ….shut up and take my money now! just take it! … but leave my precious password alone!!!