FTC looking at possible antitrust case against Google

After over a year of investigating, members of the FTC are starting to believe that Google has illegally used it’s power as the most dominant search engine. This means that Google is looking at a rather serious anti-trust case. Numerous internet companies have been asking the FTC to repremand Google including Yelp and Nextag. Google has the ability to give other websites low quality rating scores pushing them down the results list and putting their own products at the top. The only way around that would be for companies to buy ads so they will be at the top which of course gets Google more money.

Along with their strength as a search engine, FTC is also taking a look at how Google is handling patents “which are determined to be essential to smartphones”. They are even suspicious that Google may be using patent infringement lawsuits as a way to hamper innovation and strengthen their own product, Android. Many companies that use Android have found them selves in court which has had Google thinking about how they handle patents.

It is suspected that the FTC will decided by the end of the year if Google has broken the law or not. If they do think Google broke the law then the most likely outcome will be a settlement between the search giant and the FTC, if that falls through another long court case is in Google’s future.

Source: Reuters