Newest image EXIF data outs LG’s E960 smartphone as the Nexus 4

Last week we came across a plethora of images taken with LG’s E960 smartphone, though we were unsure as to what exactly the official name would be. Well, new EXIF data from Picasa has revealedĀ the ubiquitous Nexus 4 moniker once again, adding to our growing suspicion. And, with a full review of the device already having been published, this name seems all but official.

As with any EXIF data, it’s completely possible that it could have been faked. Although, with all signs pointing to an LG-manufactured Nexus, we have no reason to doubt its authenticity.

Source: Picasa

  • Brandon Miles

    Please no.

  • soso

    Haha that maybe explains the “LOL” by the Googler