CM10 Updater, Revisited


We told you about the CyanogenMod (CM) 10 Updater a couple of weeks ago and we wanted to revisit the nice feature that the CM team included. Not so much a review, but an update as it’s simply a feature of a full-fledged ROM. The CM team was very quick about releasing this feature after they initially announced it. It was actually a feature found on a few previous versions of CM ROMs, but it’s been a while since CM users have been graced with this convenient feature. Granted, some may not feel comfortable trying something new or jumping back to a way they used to update their ROMs, but the feature is very convenient and at least worth a look if you’re running CM10 on your device.



As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, you can find this option in the About Phone options on your device and selecting “CyanogenMod updates.” Once in there, you’re faced with a couple of options: Check for updates and Update types. “Check for updates” is really straight-forward as it just checks the servers for the latest version. However, Update Types let’s you specify which updates you want it to check for, be it new Stable versions only, new Nightlies, or all stable and nightly versions. Upon searching, it’ll then retrieve any new versions and display them in the list of updates within the updater. Just remember that you won’t have push notifications for updates, however you can set up the updater to look for updated ROMs up to twice a day using the “check for update” option. I never really got to see how that worked since I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to updates so I have mine set to “manual.” Other options for auto-searching updates are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or upon boot.



Below is a quote from a CM developer after he sensed a lot of confusion regarding the updater which should be helpful answering any questions:

The OTA updater in +CyanogenMod is just that: an updater. It is intended to be executed from within a CM installation, to update to a more recent version when available. It is not an installer,so it will not perform any of the tasks required to install CM (wiping, cleaning, renaming, installing addons, installing a recovery) because it is designed to run in an already-functional CM installation (which assumes that it is working, that a recovery is present, that any CM-compatible addons the user is interested in are already installed, and that any incompatible data from other firmwares was wiped during the original installation).





The only caveat is that you have to be using a version of ClockworkMod recovery on your device as booting into said recovery is part of the auto-update process. This was probably a decision made based on troubleshooting, so at least they have one of the variables accounted for now with using an all-open source process. I’ve had good luck with the updater over the past week or so. There were a few hiccups earlier in the week like the updater seemingly not able to connect to the servers and slow downloads at times, but out of the 6 or so updates I’ve done, most have gone without an issue. Speaking of issues, major issues are nowhere to be found. The updated ROMs are flawless upon updating, and act as my “daily driver.” However, you must remember that living on the bleeding edge of nightlies comes with its risks, and this includes the of the updater itself. However, CM10, the Updater, and Jelly Bean are working fine for me using my Samsung Galaxy S II. Let us know your thoughts on this feature, and hit up Cyanogen’s link for more information on their work.



source: CyanogenMod

About the Author: Sean Stewart

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  • Blitz

    Do you still need to do a full wipe with each update?

  • David DeLella

    Nope. It reboots, updates Android, and reboots again with updates installed. No data wipes, no ClockworkMod manually, and no more searching for the latest updates in a forum. Best feature ever!

  • Justin A

    can you add it to CM9 like an apk? or is this only included in cm10? I was hoping to add the .apk, then let the updater change me to cm10.

  • sean_stewart

    David is absolutely correct. No wipes needed. It’s a one-stop-shop for downloading the latest nightly, and updating – provided of course you’ve correctly installed CM10 to begin with with all requisite wipes, etc.

  • Zachary Hubbell

    I’m using cm7 on a nook tablet…could this be used to update to cm10?

  • Balaji

    MD5 verification failed. So manually downloaded a new nightly version (128MB). Can I install using the same clockworkmod? will it wipe the data?