Rumor: Sprint To Offer The HTC Hero?

sprint android phoneAccording to unknown sources within the company, the wireless carrier Sprint are planning to offer the newly announced HTC Hero handset by the end of the year.

A report from PhoneNews claims that Sprint are currently testing the Android handset for use on its network, and that the operator may make the device available to users by the end of 2009.

sprint htc hero

It is also rumored that Sprint are also testing a new Samsung Android CDMA/WiMax device that is expected to launch by 2010. Sprint have previously announced their plans to launch a tri-mode CDMA/WiMax device between this year and 2010.

Announced yesterday, the HTC Hero will be available in Europe from July on the T-Mobile and Orange networks. The handset is expected to arrive in the US later in 2009, but it has not yet been confirmed which carrier will offer the Android handset.